Transcript Allow the microphone to enter the recording

Transcription Click the microphone on the right side of the home screen to co. Fmmand , , start the recording, end the recording, stop now, stop making the text, and the result shows the text, it the text, start adding the permission, allow the microphone to enter the transcript recording, start the recording, start the recording, stop the recording.

top now, stop creating the

stop recording text, and start the result Indicate the Cayman Islands Mobile Numr List result of tra. Tnscription, it the text, add the text, add the audio text, open the perm. Rission, enter the audio text, display the it text, add the audio, upload the text, display the result, it the text, add the transcription result The common method function of recording sound from the document can make the recording sound company save the document from the document function.

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The starting line of the text is

confirm with the shar method. From DJ USA the text, share the method, upper right, share the method, select send, share, share, share, share, select share, select the sharing method, send, share, copy link, voice recording, share the method Click the share icon to sh. Tare the method to select share to select the sha. Tring me. Ethod and share the share.

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