This is because if you try to do two tasks that require

Mental work at the same time, you will probably fail at one or both tasks. So this is where system 1 plays a very important role. By making many decisions automatically in a semi-conscious state, we can save our mental energy for use in important situations only.

Having trouble making a choice? Having trouble making a choice? If you’ve ever been in a hypermarket, you’ll know the mental burden can come from something as simple as choosing a brand of jam and peanut butter.

Hypermarkets usually have an average of over 40 options

People are worried they’ll regret the choice they Phone Number List made. The best method when you want to make a decision is to avoid multiple options. Less is more. As an example: if you go to the cinema, select the type of genre you want to see first, before looking at the list of films showing that day.

If you’re going out to eat, consider only going to restaurants that only serve certain foods. For example satay shop. By limiting the number of options, you will make better decisions. This thing is reality.. I once ran an experiment on my blog, by minimizing the selection of related articles after the entry from 10 to 3 only.

The results are surprising when the data shows a sudden increase in terms of blog pageviews from 10K pageviews per day to an average of 15K pageviews per day. One increase by 50%! This is proof that a minimal choice will make it easier for us to make a decision.

This will avoid analysis paralysis 3 Expecting the opposite to happen

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Did you correctly predict who will win the DJ USA last 2014 election? Even if you feel very confident (you have strong arguments and reasons from the start), research shows that you could be wrong.

This mental trap causes us to feel more confident in our knowledge after these events actually happen. It

Is Called ‘hindsight Bias ‘ When You Have Learned the Results of the Election. You Will Immediately Be Connected. With Other Memories Stored. In the Brain to Further Strengthen the Connection.

As a Result, It Will Be Implanted. In Your Memory, Causing You to Feel. More Confident That You Already Know It All.

Hindsight bias can make us make bad decisions in two ways: Pertama, ia menghalang kita daripada pembelajaran.

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