What is the profile of the ideal marketer

He went to meet them, with a question in mind to answer: “What is it to be a successful marketer in 2020?” He gives us the testimonies collected in a podcast, more than enriching, which will allow everyone to take a step back from their job and consider the future from a different perspective! Today’s marketer must understand the society in which he lives Guy Mamou Mani , great witness of this 2020 edition of IMF, has a very specific vision on the subject.

Therefore in the best position to understand it

For him, a marketer must above all take into account the evolutions of society. He must understand the societal revolution to be more effective. Through this phone number list understanding, the marketer must then become the engine of business transformation . Because the transformation of uses begins with customer demand, the marketer is therefore in the best position to understand it. Today’s marketer lives with his market ? The ideal marketer must live with his market. This is explained by PPC , which firmly believes in market/customer/partner interactions. PPC marketer of tomorrow But these interactions make sense if a company has a strong enough purpose that it stands by.

A successful marketer drives a physical

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The marketer is thus responsible for this. Its role is to adopt an innovation approach facing the DJ USA market and to test technologies, methods, etc. This approach will feed the company’s activity and move it in the right direction. A successful marketer drives a physical network Bruno Fridlansky gave during his conference at Inbound Marketing France all his advice for an optimized LinkedIn profile. But according to him, the marketer’s success is also due to what he does outside of online networks. “The successful marketer is people he sees in real life.” This is a somewhat provocative idea for this LinkedIn specialist! Indeed, for him, social networks are not an end.

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