The experience and nps from the user’s point

The experience and nps from the user’s point of view. Of consumers and employees say that spanish companies ne to do a better job of listening to their feback. The most valuable asset of customercentric companies is their customer base. Today there is less loyalty to brands and retention becomes a vital aspect. Companies with a better customer experience grow more because they continually pursue the satisfaction of their highestvalue customers and develop longterm mutually beneficial relationships which prevent their customers from being tempt by competitors. As a result of the explosion and digital transformation experienc with the pandemic possibly the next great macrotrend to boost.

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The competitive advantage of companies will be the transformation and management of the customer and employee experience as well as obtaining customer insights in their daytoday actionstaking into account that the digital sphere impacts the entire journey that the vision must be omnichannel and that the most demanding clientele desire greater mobile app development service personalization. There numerous studies and statisticsthat prove that investing in customer experience translates into greater growth for organizations. Mckinsey has observ in the last decade in more than companies that improving the customer experience generates a big difference an increase in sales of a cost ruction between and and an improvement of customer satisfaction from to.

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What happens is that unlike other types of investments it is not easy to measure the return obtain in these initiatives. Although metrics bas on DJ USA accounting results emerging that seek to show the growth obtain with customers and the real impact of their loyaltye.G. The “ earn growth rate ” by fr reichheldwe have to continue relying on satisfaction surveys and their connection with loyalty to evaluate the roi of the customer experience. In this sense to delve deeper into the profitability of investing in customer experience.


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