I will rely on the strong correlation that exts between

I will rely on the strong correlation that exts between satfaction and the elements. That part of loyalty such as customer trust in a brand and their. Probability of recommendation or possibility of buying more. Also I will rely on success stories. Where the improvement of the experience translat into satfi highvalue customers and greater growth. The value of customers depends on their level of satfaction. Chartsource qualtrics xm institute q –the economic value that a customer will depend on their level of satfaction with the company.

The magician of strategic objectives

In a survey in the third quarter of in industries and countries it was once again observ that the greater the satfaction the greater the customer’s loyalty . Of the spanh consumers survey of them satfi with their most recent purcing experiencesand star ratingsand within th group would have confidence in the brand would recommend the company to mobile app designs service friends and family and would buy more from that organization. These data slightly lower than those observ worldwidegraph. If the value of each client depends on their satfaction we could say theoretically and greatly simplifying it that the value of our clientele depends on the clients we have at the beginning of the period the new ones.

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We attract and we have to subtract those who leave. But the value of each of the clients will depend on their level of satfaction with the company . Expressing it in formula form it would be customer value =exting customersnew customers – lost customersx satfaction in th simple formula exting and new customers add those who lostcustomer DJ USA churnsubtract but satfaction does not add it multiplies . That if our customers very satfi and recommend us to their friends sales will multiply and our business will grow . If we want to quantify the value of our customer portfolio in euros on.

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