The content of the online class will be recorded

By using communication tools you can ask questions and discuss in real time just like face-to-face classroom. There is no time or place limitation. and saved for future review. You can interact with people you don’t get the chance to meet in everyday life, such as teachers and other The content of the online class students. It can also be used in situations where the microphone is malfunctioning or cannot produce sound. Annotations The Annotations feature allows you to add handwritten notes and highlights directly to the content of the shared screen.

This allows you to emphasize

Specific points or to supplement your explanation. Annotations Luxembourg Mobile Number List have the advantage of allowing visual emphasis and explanation. Focus students’ attention on a specific point. Whiteboard Whiteboard A whiteboard is a virtual blank space for sharing handwritten notes and diagrams. Teachers and students can express ideas and collaborate visually.

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Whiteboard Benefits Visualize

Ideas and collaborate. Intuitively explain complex DJ USA concepts and processes. Reaction The Reaction feature allows students to express their feelings and opinions instantly using emoji. This provides an immediate grasp of the classroom atmosphere and student responses. Response Advantage provides non-verbal feedback. You can communicate without interrupting the speaker. You can grasp the classroom atmosphere and student reactions in real time.


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