Exposure of DIY Bappeda Website and Internal Application Development

Not long ago, a meeting was held between JMC IT Consultant and Bappeda DIY. The meeting was held in order to discuss the development of the DIY Website and the DIY Bappeda Internal Application. The event took place at Bappeda DIY and was attend by the Head of Program Subdivision, Ir.

Murtiwati along with several application managers

Websites and internal applications. On this Egypt Mobile Database occasion, JMC IT Consultant explain various features. That can optimize the function of the application.

Overall, the presentation deliverby the JMC IT Consultant team receivea warm welcome from Bappeda DIY. For DIY Websites, development prioritizes design changes. The JMC IT Consultant team receiv a lot of input as material for adjusting the website to the needs of Bappeda DIY. Not only design, content development on the website is also expect to be able to broadly display the face of Bappeda DIY and Yogyakarta to the public.

Another is website development

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Another is the development of the DIY Bappeda Internal Information System or often call SINTAL. In the development this time, there are several things that are the main attraction of the application so that it further motivates and makes it easier for users to operate the application.

The hope for the future is that these two applications DJ USA can serve as examples for Regional Apparatus Organizations (OPD) throughout Indonesia in realizing increasingly high quality program management activities. The trust from Bappeda DIY has become a driving force for JMC IT Consultants to be able to grow with the latest ideas and innovations combinwith the latest information technology. JMC IT Consultant believes, now is the time to build Indonesia through technology!

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