The 72nd Anniversary of the Republic of Indonesia

Independence is the right of all nations. After experiencing colonialism for several centuries. Through the proclamation read by Mr. Ir. Soekarno, Indonesia announced its independence on August 17, 1945. During the 72 years of independence, many historical moments were inscribed. Including efforts to build the nation into a developed country capable of contributing to the world community.

With the spirit of building a better Indonesia through technology

JMC IT Consultant carried out several Ghana Mobile Database agendas to celebrate the 72nd Indonesian Independence Day. On Wednesday (16-08-2017) yesterday at the JMC IT Consultant Production Office. Jalan Prapanca, Bugisan, Yogyakarta, several special 17s competitions were held which were attended by all JMC IT Consultant employees.

JMC IT Consultant employees are divided into several teams that must work together to win each competition. No less than 10 types of competitions were held, including cracker eating competitions. Rubber band relays, eel relays, balloon popping, balloon dancing, taking coins and many more. The event started from noon, even though the heat was scorching but it didn’t reduce the team’s enthusiasm to win the race.

Laughter accompanied the event during the afternoon

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Teamwork and selection of the right strategy must be applied in order to win the competition. The committee has also prepared many attractive DJ USA prizes for the winners of each competition. The event ended with the distribution of prizes and group photos, then followed by eating meatballs together.

At the age of 72, there is still a lot of homework to be done in an effort to become a more developed country. This is our collective duty, the government and all Indonesian people. As the next generation who love Indonesia, let us contribute to advancing the nation. One of the efforts is to produce positive works that are useful.

JMC IT Consultant itself fills independence by working to build the best information system that is able to assist government institutions in carrying out their duties optimally. JMC IT Consultant wishes you the 72nd Anniversary of the Republic of Indonesia. May the Republic of Indonesia continue to develop more advanced, prosperous and prosperous. Let’s build Indonesia through technology.


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