Come on, Present the Website of a Government Agency that Netizens Like Today

The use of websites is common, even now when a business or service agency does not have a website it feels less professional. As with government agencies, they must have a website to convey information to the public. With the condition that society is moving faster and requires information that can be accessed easily, it is hoped that the websites of government agencies can accommodate these needs.

In fact, not all government agency websites can accommodate needs such as regular information, a comfortable and pleasing appearance for readers, etc. There are still many government agency websites that look less than optimal, so people are reluctant to open these websites. Under these conditions, it is better if the agency’s website is accommodated, so that the community can play an increasingly active role. Why Government Web Concepts Must Be Changed and Adjusted? Here are some reasons to upgrade the website to be more optimal.


That always appears on government websites

Such as meeting agendas and Greece Mobile Database work agendas, is rarely of interest to visitors. It takes interesting material.
INNOVATION. The form of innovation in public services.
GIVE BENEFITS. One of the benchmarks of performance indicators is the level of web visits, while the web will be visited more if it provides many benefits for visitors.
EASY TO ACCESS. Information on the web will spread more easily if it is connected to Social Media and Messenger.
So, to improve service, government agency websites currently have several focuses that should be reflect through the agency’s website. In JMC’s view, there are several points that distinguish the current and former websites, as follows:

Focus on the design of the information that will appear. Web design is now simpler, people visit because of information not because of the design of headers, buttons and color combinations of a web.
Domina with visualizations that promote Government Work Programs, Development Results, and Interaction with Communities.
Has many services that can be access by the community. Integrat with existing information systems.
In the era of information openness to the public, information must be easy to download. This has even been regulat by Law 14/2008 that PPID is requir to upload information that is announc periodically.
No visitor is willing to memorize even a short domain address. The web should be easy for Google to find.

Information comes to visitors through social media

Cell Phone Number List

The web is already connecwith social media. It has Responsive Design technology so that it can be open on gadgets with various screen sizes. With the explanation above, does your agency DJ USA already have a website that is suitable for current conditions? JMC IT Consultant as an application and software development company also provides government website creation services. Examples of agencies that have modifi their websites so that they are more comfortable for visitors are the health service website, the culture service website, and the  DP3AP2 Service Website. It is JMC’s hope that with the modification of the website at this government agency, the information services provid can be more easily accessed by the public.

To produce a government agency website is certainly not arbitrary, but it is necessary to show various aspects as described above. If you come from a government agency and feel that the website you have is not optimal, consult the needs of a government agency website in your area with a JMC IT Consultant. we are ready to discuss with you. Contact us via WA Chat at or via email at Let’s build Indonesia together through technology.

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