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While you could very well use both types of advertising in your business. They are slightly different: interest-bas   advertising looks at people’s browsing behavior on many different sites to target them with relat   ads. For example. If they read about “gardening.” they might see ads for gardening tools – from a completely different website they’ve never visit   before. Remarketing or retargeting shows an ad to people who have visit   a particular website. Or even a specific page on that site. It doesn’t matter what they have indicat   about their interests through their browsing behavior. Should you use adchoices? Youradchoices control – what is adchoices? Screenshot from youradchoices.

You’ll use a program like google adwords

Com if you are running interest-bas  Email List ads that target users bas   on their behavior. Then you should definitely use adchoices. It is an agre   upon. Industry-driven standard that helps make the internet a better place for everyone. If you don’t use ads that target users bas   on their past browsing behavior. Then adchoices doesn’t apply to you. However. You may want to at least consider the benefits of this type of marketing. As it allows you to target people with ads that are more likely to interest them. How do i use adchoices? If you create and run your own ads. And comply with the adchoice requirements for publishers. Then you can use quantcast to set the adchoice icon on your website.

How do i use adchoices

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Please note that to use the adchoice icon. The way you advertise must match that of the european advertising industry. Principles of DJ USA good practice. More likely. Though. You’ll use a program like google adwords to create ads. In this case. Google itself takes care of implementing adchoices: you will see the adchoice logo on all google ads. Does adchoices control the sites that advertise? Adchoices does not control the sites that advertise; it simply gives people the option to opt out of target   advertising. If you run advertising on your own site. It’s important to monitor the ads that appear (especially if you use an ad network. Rather than selling ad space directly).


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