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A thank you or welcome message that appears after the form is submitt  . While this isn’t part of the squeeze page itself. It’s a crucial follow-up that lets new subscribers know they’ve successfully submitt   the form… And tells them what to expect next. This is a good place to explain. For example. That subscribers will receive an initial email with a confirmation button or link that they will ne   to click to receive your emails. Examples of great squeeze pages if you’re looking for some inspiration for squeeze pages. Here are three great examples to learn from.

There is a clear benefit to signing up

Example no. 1: goins. Writer’s welcome Country Email List messenger goins. Writer’s welcome messenger this minimalist page by jeff goins is a great example of how few words can be effective. Note the clever use of specific numbers (“100k” and “18 months”) in the title. Plus the simple buttons that allow for a hassle-free. Guilt-free “no thanks” option. Example no. 2: social m  ia examiner newsletter page this squeeze page is a little longer than jeff goins’ one – but it’s still short and to the point. There is a clear benefit to signing up (with an attractive guide image) and the form only has two fields.

productive flourishing popover this popover

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The call to action – “i would like to receive free updates” – is positive and optimistic. A couple of changes that social m  ia examiner could DJ USA potentially make here are to only have “name” instead of “enter your name” (as it is shorter and therefore fits better into the second field by only having “email”). And to consider r  ucing the copy after the form. As the long list of things they won’t do seems strangely formal compar   to the rest of the page. Example no. 3: productive flourishing popover this popover asks a compelling question in the title. Offers a clear call to action. And has a quote from a reviewer to help sell the book.

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