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Appropriate facilities make the website friendly not only for its users, but also for search engine algorithms. As a result, it will be a strong point in the sales funnel and will support the image-building activities of the Etisoft brand. We have create a new quality Many Commplace experts from various areas were involve in the work on the website: Graphics Department, SEO Department and Copywriting Department. Together with the client, we have create a new quality . The new website is modern, consistent with the brand image, and above all with the requirements of users, Among the tasks we have performe are.

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Verification of the content place on the old website Appropriate content will not only allow you to stand out among the competition, but will also have a positive impact on the reception of your website by Google algorithms. This, in turn, will ultimately whatsapp mobile number list affect its position in search engine results. Designing a modern website structure A modern website a modern company. This is very important for companies that want to be perceive as technological leaders. Creating a deicate graphic design. Deicate graphic design is another piece of the puzzle that will distinguish the website from the competition. Preparation of guidelines for new content New content should be create according to specific guidelines.

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Only such action will allow you to reach the potential recipients of the brand. We recommend How does a communication audit increase company DJ USA value? Content creation support (SEO guidelines) Content quality is one thing. At Commplace, we know it’s time to go one step further. Reaching the recipient will be provide by the Google search engine. And well-chosen actions will allow you to be in the TOP 3 results. Launching SEO activities for the new website The saturation of the website is very important in the process of building an advantage on the Internet. The competition is not sleeping and Google’s algorithms are changing.

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