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However, collaborative consumption has change their perception. In this case, they take over extende roles, many of which were previously assigne to companies. Collaborative consumption has create a prosumer – a person who can be both a producer and a consumer. For example, the same person can be an Uber driver on Sunday and use the service as a passenger on Monday. Prosumers fulfill a number of roles, as in traditional companies. They take care of public relations , communication, promotion and quality control. For example, an Uber driver can communicate with the passenger before the planne arrival, specify the pick-up location, and ensure the cleanliness of the vehicle.

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Thus, it will ensure a good rating, which will probably be given by a passenger satisfie with the service. In this way, in the sharing economy, consumers can assume institutional roles that in the traditional economy are usually fille by Latest Mailing Database companies. We recommend What content marketing strategy is effective? Collaborative consumption and marketing activities As define by the American Marketing Association (AMA), marketing processes include “the creation, communication, delivery, and exchange of offerings.” These processes are critical to a company’s success.

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Therefore, companies attach great importance to the management of each of them, basing their operation on two fundamental pillars, which are marketing and innovation. In fact, innovation is what drives all activities, including marketing. They can be broadly define as creating offers that differ from those available on the market DJ USA and are valuable to customers. Our traditional view of innovation is closely tie to the market economy and sees companies as the main creators of innovative, new offerings. As entities with a develope business model. However, due to its unique features and nature, collaborative consumption requires an individual marketing approach.

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