Pressing Paper Use, Kominfo Presents Digital Signatures

Palembang – The Ministry of Information and Communication (Kominfo) of the Republic of Indonesia has its own way of reducing the level of environmental damage in Indonesia. One of them is by presenting the Digital Signature (TTD) application.


As revealby Herry Abdul Aziz, Expert Staff for Technology in the Republic of Indonesia’s Communication and Information Technology, his party has conductoutreach to each ministry and local government (pemda) in Indonesia to be able to apply TTD.


“The use of TTD is very important for saving paper use

Course the impact will be very large for the Bangladesh Mobile Database environment, especially reducing the cutting of trees to produce paper. Now we are still conducting outreach and inviting all ministries and local governments to jointly implement it,” he told, when opening the Digital Signature Seminar and Workshop at the Horison Hotel Palembang, Tuesday (11/22/2016). At present, the Directorate General (Dirjen) of Taxes has us TTD in the process of processing tax invoices. In fact, TTD is us for more than 230 thousand documents, so it has cut the use of paper in large quantities.


The use of TTD can also avoid cybercrime that is currently rife in Indonesia. In this way, the accuracy of cybercrime can be track using TTD. “There are four guarantees from the TTD which have the same power and legal effect as a manual signature. The four guarantees have been legaliz in the Electronic Transaction Information Law (ITE) No. 11 Article 11 of 2008,” he said. The four guarantees are TTD providing valid identity guarantees, confidentiality guarantees, integrity guarantees and undeniable guarantees for documents and electronic transactions.


However, not all office document systems can use TTD

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One of which is the financial documentation process. Because there are several laws that require the documentation system to use a manual process. Aidil C DJ USA hendramata‎, Director of Information Security at Kominfo RI, said that one of the TTD implementations could use a flashdisk or token with a password code that only the owner of the TTD knows.


“The token can only be stored, but there is a password and special software that has been given the authority to make TTDs. In fact, you can also not use tokens, they can be stored on a computer and can be used by the government or non-government,” he said. To be able to use the TTD software, both the government and non-government can apply as a Certification Authority (CA) to Kominfo. Where, his party will provide some CA requirements.


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