Incorporating visually appealing widgets is another way to make

Your affiliate marketing content more appealing. Some good examples can be found on high quality sites like The Wirecutter, Sleep Foundation and The Points Guy. A section of trendy and aesthetic products from product information at An amazing range of features of The Dots  Similarly Guy products : The Points Guy product information Don’t be afraid to experiment with your own creations, drawing inspiration from within and beyond your niche. If you don’t know how to build them, I recommend that you familiarize yourself with Generate Blocks . This is aWordPress Pluginfree and lightweight that will allow you to copy most of these designs. I also recommend the Youtube channel the admin bar , as they have great tutorials on how to use it. 10. Imitate Top Affiliate Marketers When crafting the perfect affiliate marketing strategy, it’s wise to draw inspiration from some of the biggest players in the game.

By analyzing what they do best you can create content that is more engaging

Informative, and visually appealing to your target audience. Sites like NerdWallet, Modern Castle and Swim University all have unique strengths that you can learn from and incorporate into your content. NerdWallet : Useful and well-designed calculators nerdwallet mortgage calculator VPNMentor : CTR-optimized sidebar vpnmentor sidebar box Swimming University : High quality graphics showing how the products work pool cleaner robot 11. Similarly Use scarcity to get people to act Scarcity is one of the most effective action tactics in affiliate marketing. Here are some ways to use scarcity to increase affiliate sales USA Phone Number List countdowns. A well-placed countdown can easily outrun even the best copywriter. Offer a limited enrollment window for courses. If you’re promoting online courses that only open periodically, the short enrollment period becomes an important selling point. Offer urgent bonuses. Offer a downloadable guide, exclusive access to a webinar or a free consultation.

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Emphasize limited availability

If the reader doesn’t buy now, someone else can take their place. An effective example of using limited availability is when airlines indicate how many seats are left. If there aren’t many seats left, you’ll feel obligated to purchase a ticket now to secure your spot. expedia limited offers 12. Offer bonuses for purchases with your affiliate link Offering free bonuses for using your affiliate link can dramatically increase conversions and help you achieve success in affiliate marketing. A study published in the Journal of Advertising DJ USA demonstrates this. case study One group was offered two cookies and two cupcakes for $0.75. 40% made a purchase. However, when another group received two cupcakes for $0.75 and two cookies for free, the purchase rate skyrocketed to 73%. Takeaway meals? Free bonuses like consultations, reports or courses increase the perceived value of an offer.


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