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This article is a communication tool for online meetings. You can make sharing the screen and give pre. Rsentations to members as well as business communication that cannot be conveyed through the chat function alone. In addition, it is Microsoft software, so it is easy to link with other office software. This article summarizes how to set up a meeting.

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Individuals and organizations cannot create new teams.  your El Salvador Mobile Number List personal account to the paid version as of 2020, the personal version does not include the features of the paid version. How to start a meeting How to start a meeting now Not only chat with members, but also video call, document sharing and tool collaboration.

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Browser but some functions are limited so we DJ USA recommend using the application version. A smartphone app is also provided so if you use both apps you can communicate smoothly with your team. How to meet now via your team’s channel Go to the left side of the app and select the channel you want to meet. In the Posts tab select Meetings in the upper right corner and select Meet Now from the drop-down list.


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