Now when you’re ready to start the

Give your meeting a title and choose to include video. Select Join . Method 2 Enter the chat list through a chat video call or voice call and click New Chat to start a new conversation. Let’s enter a name in the To field that appears at the beginning of the chat you started. Select Video Call or Voice Call to start the call.

Team meeting By the way

The same video call meeting can have a maximum number Estonia Mobile Number List of participants. How to Share a Link to Start a Meeting Later Using Meet Now You can start a meeting right away, but some attendees might panic when they receive an invite. Even if you participate in a hurry, it is easy to be unable to speak or hear due to the improper setting of the speaker, microphone and camera.

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Don’t jump in right away

Even if you get an invitation but make it a habit DJ USA to check that ever. Tything is in place first and get ready to get involved. Method 1 Copy the link of the meeting invitation, open it and select the calendar and meeting time in sequence. Enter the meeting title and meeting details on the display and press the Save button.

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