Pendidikan Yang Berhasil Adalah Pendidikan Yang Memanusiakan

The hope is that after this we will become closer,more solid and of course we can do more to serve the country. Post navigation Previous Article History of DIY E-Planning (SIPD).

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New Official Website Design RELATED Chemicals Manufacturers Email List  ARTICLES 2 May 20180 To Improve Services, President Asks Regional Governments to Utilize Technology President Joko Widodo encouraged all regional heads to have the courage to carry out major reforms to facilitate the business and investment climate in the regions.

In this modern era

Job Function Email Database

READ MORE 1 April 20190 Minister Bambang Emphasizes Important Geospatial Information for National Development JAKARTA – Minister  DJ USA of PPN/Head of Bappenas Bambang Brodjonegoro said the provision of geospatial data and information has a significant role in. T

he planning and implementation of government READ MORE 1 November 20180 Presentation of Social Change Information System Prototypes and Conflict Potential in DIY


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