Dalam proses perencanaan harus melalui musyawarah mufakat

Jakarta – It’s undeniable PC or laptop has become a device that many people rely on. Because of that, it would be really annoying when. The device suddenly Aaaaaak……..it’s nice to finally have a picnic.

Pacitan we dataaaaang…. Actually

Apart from being refreshing, in a few Petroleum Manufacturers Email List  days the PKL friends from SMK Telkom Malang will have ended their practical work period. Friends who are very, very exciting bingiiiits…Dhana is spoiled, Syeli is silently drifting away, Ghana is bustling…and all of them are academically smart and have knowledge, friends.

So we gathered early in

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The morning (appointed at 5 left at 8) hahaha. We arrived at Gong Cave and it was raining heavily, we still went caving (lol :p). Continue to Klayar Beach  DJ USA by taking an express bus that makes the passengers whiter in one hour. Even some like most of the old stamped wine :D.

And…the rain never left us. Luckily, no lightning strikes so that our main activity, namely the sand war, can still be carried out properly. D.

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