Operators to Bring Broadband Access to All Regency Cities

Known as The Next Dev, it is  applications to accelerate Indonesia’s smart city initiatives. Because as a rule of thumb, making an app without an ecosystem, the villagers don’t know what to do with the app. Therefore, the approach must be specific to the ecosystem,” he said in Jakarta on Monday .

He said the community

Needs help in using apps developed to  Electronic, Electrical Manufacturers Email List support smart cities. In addition, applications also need the support of other ecosystems, namely network availability. If a city has applications but no network, it is useless. No matter how many applications are developed, it is useless without the network.” He said.

He gave an example

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The need to close the gap in internet speeds between big cities like Jakarta and cities in eastern Indonesia, which have so far had little  DJ USA internet coverage. To close this gap, the government plans to work with  and municipalities by 2019.

Regarding the smart city initiative, the RA chief acknowledged that he had met with the association of mayors and said that the members of the association had launched smart cities in their respective districts.


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