Which means a larger following both on and off TikTok

Specialized platform, you can promote videos directly from the app. You can access the Promotion tool in several ways, such as going straight to the Creator Tools or the Corporate Pack (Menu > Corporate Pack > Promotion). If you want to make the process even easier, you can simply go to the video. You want to promote (More Options > Promotion). You will go through the step where you have to configure it in certain ways. You, for example, can choose the option of “More visits to the site” if you want people, when watching the ad. From the moment youyou will be able to view certain information about it, such as the number of people who visited. The link you inserted in the ad and the demographic data. Of the people who interacted with it. Advertising By the way, during the process of promoting a video.

To be directed to a website In this case advertising

Will show users action buttons such as “Learn more” or “Buy now”. With regard to the audience that will see the ad, you will have two alternatives: automatic, that is, TikTok chooses the audience; personalized, you are the one who segments the target. Audience, choosing age group, interests, gender, etc. Finally, when setting up the video, you’ll also need to specify both. Your budget and the length of the video, as well as including payment information. 4 reasons to promote video on TikTok There are countless reasons Belgium Business Email List why it is worth promoting on TikTok. We list some of them below: Profile with greater reach, increasing the chances of you with brands. Disclosure of productsmore assertively. Which increases the profitability of your business. More engagement, highlighting your profile in relation to others in the same niche; Audience building, (if you target them elsewhere, like your Instagram profile).

Essential Tips to Promote Content on TikTok and Succeed Advertising

It is important that you are aware of some tips to increase the chances of success with ads. This is what will ultimately define whether TikTok is worth promoting or not. Some of these tips are linked to the platform’s rules, while others relate to good practices that will make your ad more attractive. Check it out below. Comply with TikTok’s basic rules The first important point about promoting on TikTok is that you can only do this with public videos. Following that, they have to contain original sounds. You can even use non-original sounds, however, they have to be cleared for commercial use. You can easily find them DJ USA by accessing the TikTok library, which has more than 1 million songs. In addition, other relevant aspects involve your age, as you can only. Promote from the age ofhaving a corporate account or being a creator.

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