Kedamaian Dan Toleransi Adalah Sebab Akibat Yang

As previously reported, the DIY government is making efforts to increase public safety and peace by reducing potential conflicts that may arise. Even though they are in the same parent company.  Facebook and WhatsApp are still different services without being integrated with each other.

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WhatsApp, Facebook Inc certainly doesn’t Printing and Publishing Manufacturers Email List  want to waste the potential that can be worked on in it. Now it is reported that there will soon be changes that will unite the two. The social network created by Mark Zuckerberg is reportedly developing.

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The messenger application to be integrated with Facebook. The new version of Facebook  allows its users to send and share news to . WhatsApp users  DJ USA via the ‘send’ button at the bottom of the Facebook page.

WhatsApp has been caught testing this latest feature on the Facebook Android platform. A screenshot also shows that. There is a WhatsApp logo on posts on the Facebook timeline side by side with the share. comment and like features.


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