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Ricky Elson is one of the nation’s achievements in other countries. In Japan where he works, Ricky Elson has found 14 theories about electric motors patented by the Japanese government. Even when he was asked to return home by former minister Dahlan Iskan to develop renewable technology in Indonesia, the company only gave him leave.

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Preoccupied with minor stigma over the  Lumber and Wood Manufacturers Email List accident that befell his electric car, Ricky Elson prefers to stay away from the frenzy of the media which has been overlaid with political interests. Together with students, Ricky Elson conducted research to build a wind power plant in Ciheras, Tasikmalaya.

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Elson and other nation’s children in realizing renewable electricity. That is more environmentally friendly will certainly make a very positive . DJ USA  contribution to the availability of electricity consumption in society.

Armed with a simple laboratory in the middle of an area far from urban areas. Ricky Elson and his students built the best wind power plant in the world for the 500 watt peak class.

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