Jogjaprov Website Technical Coordination at Diskominfo DIY

Website is an information page provided via the internet; which contains components such as text, images, and animated sounds. Having a website will provide many benefits, in addition to providing the information needed by readers, the benefits for website owners include getting feedback and other benefits. In this case, making a website must consider the criteria that can attract readers to visit the site.

In this case, the website is one of the superior

Products of JMC IT Consultant. So far MC IT Consultant has Cyprus Mobile Number List worked with many government and private agencies in providing informative and interesting websites. One that will be developed by JMC IT Consultant is the Jogjaprov website owned by the DIY Provincial Government. On Tuesday (11/04/2017), JMC IT Consultant held a meeting with Head of Subid and LTMI (Information Technology & Management Services) DIY Communication and Informatics Service (Diskominfo), located in the Diskominfo meeting room, Jalan Brigjen Katamso, Yogyakarta.

The purpose of the meeting was to provide an explanation regarding the scope of work for the Jogjaprov website. With the help of JMC IT Consultant, it is hoped that the Jogjaprov website will become a portal that portrays Yogyakarta as a cultured and advanced city. Later on the website there will be more public service menus and have rich content. With these additions, it will help the community in administering public services, such as managing important documents and other services.

It is hoped that with the features of the new

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Jogjaprov website later, the community, especially in Yogyakarta, will be able to use it more optimally and assist the DIY Provincial Government in maximizing public services. JMC IT Consultant believes now is the time to build Indonesia through technology. Within the scope of governance, one of the highest achievements of each regional head and his staff is the realization of good governance. With the achievement of good governance, the decision-making process

E-Government: Innovation in Communication Strategy
by: Dr. Ihsanira Dhevina E, M.A (Widyaiswara Ministry of State Secretariat) E-Government….. ! E-Government…..! E-Government…..! as if it had been a


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