Diskominfo Bantul Profile Video Filming Process

Bantul Regency is one of the regencies in DIY which has various tourism potentials, both natural tourism, culinary, crafts, and so on. The growing development of tourism in Bantul cannot be separated from the efforts of the government and the community to develop the potential they have in each region. At present we can find various kinds of new tours that have emerg along with the increasing interest of tourists visiting DIY.

In order to introduce tourism potential

Bantul Regency, the local government Croatia Mobile Database through the Bantul Communication and Information Service (Diskominfo) in collaboration with JMC Pictures initiat the creation of a profile video. The making of this video aims to introduce the diversity of tourism potential and MSMEs (Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises) in the Bantul Regency area.

The shooting process has been carri out by taking the background at several famous tourist attractions in Bantul Regency. Bantul is famous for its natural attractions such as beaches and pine forests. But not only that, Bantul also has a spring in the form of a spring locat at Sendang Ngembel. The beauty of Bantul’s scenery can be witness in the Mangunan area which is manag in such a creative way by the community. Tourists will not only be spoil with natural beauty and pine trees but can also enjoy tourist attractions such as the famous Hobbit House in the big screen movie “The Hobbit”.

The Bantul region has several superior commodities, one of which is an onion plantation that uses a mist irrigation system. Apart from that, what is already well-known is the pottery craft which can be found at the Kasongan Handicraft Center, Kasihan, Bantul. Other handicraft products own by Bantul Regency, such as handicrafts from coconut shells which are process into various beautiful creations.

The culinary field is also the main attraction of Bantul Regency

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Geplak industry is one of Bantul’s special foods which is process from glutinous rice flour. In addition, tourists can also enjoy culinary satay klatak or lethek noodles which are also typical of Bantul. Industry in Bantul continues to grow, such as the banana DJ USA processing industry which contributes to employment for the community. This shows that the people of Bantul are very creative and innovative in processing their potential so that it has add value to the community.

During the shooting process, the JMC Pictures team also shot together with the Regent of Bantul, Drs. H. Suharsono who provid some important information regarding the superior potential and efforts to advance Bantul Regency. By making this profile video, it is hop that it will introduce more tourism potential in Bantul and be able to attract more tourists. In the end it was able to bring Bantul to become the best regency/city, not only on a national scale but also internationally.

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