It is very dangerous to photograph

the sun directly without using a filter. Before shooting, we need to prepare a lens with ND (Neutral Density) filter. This filter will reduce the amount of light entering the lens, thus avoiding burning out the camera sensor. There are many kinds of ND filters, some are 3 stops (ND8), some are 10 stops (ND400).

The minimum filter required is class

Ideally class 14. We can stack multiple ND AT&T Email List filters to achieve 14 stops, eg 1 ND filter with 10 stops and another with 3 or 6 stops.A better alternative is to use an ND 3.8 solar filter, which blocks about 14 stops of sunlight as well as harmful infrared and ultraviolet rays. Solar filters are commonly used in telescopes.When shooting, do not look directly at the sun through an optical viewfinder.

Without or with a filter

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As this can be hazardous to eye health. We recommend using a live view/monitor screen, but even then make sure you use a thick ND filter. The lens  DJ USA used should be a telephoto so that the sun appears large. A telephoto lens between 400-1000mm is ideal, and if not long enough, use a teleconverter or crop to make the sun look huge.

Change the aperture until the desired shade is obtained. If your photos are consistently too bright, you may not have enough filters on your camera.


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