However it has a certain degree of complexity as it depends

On several elements. Want to see an example of this? Let’s assume that TikTok pays content creators a lot more. Right? On the other hand, we have Kwai, which pays much less. Imagine that, in this scenario, a certain content creator does not dedicate as much time to creating videos on TikTok, while a Kwai content creator does the opposite: he invests a lot in video production and is always active on the platform. You see where we’re going, don’t you? Although both platforms allow users to earn money , whether watching videos , producing content, completing challenges or inviting friends to the platform through codes, the “dedicated content creator” factor has a huge influence on earnings. And this is just one example, since there are other factors involved in this account, such as the production of viral content.

The application of technical SEO strategies

The implementation of the best engagement practices specific to each social network. Comparing TikTok and Kwai: Which is better? Advertising Well, unlike the previous question, which is related to the “money” aspect, here, other elements come into play. Understanding all these elements will also help in understanding the question — TikTok Canada Business Email List and Kwai: which is better? Therefore, to uncomplicate this doubt once and for all, we have listed some of the most relevant differences between TikTok and Kwai. Check below: Popularity If you ask anyone who is involved in the short video market, like those working on TikTok, Kwai, and even YouTube Shorts , they might say that TikTok’s popularity is way higher than the other two. This becomes true when you look at TikTok’s large user base spread all over the world: US, Europe, Asia and of course South America, where we are.


Let’s go to the data: while Kwai has more

Than 1 billion users worldwide, TikTok goes ahead with its 4.48 billion, with 1 billion of them regularly active on the network. Algorithm and content discovery Advertising Both TikTok and Kwai have promising algorithms. That is, they have DJ USA the ability to efficiently customize a user’s experience on the platform, making it as pleasant as possible and thus keeping them consuming content for a long time. However, when we talk specifically about the TikTok algorithm, it has been much more praised than Kwai, as it manages, in a short time, to know what you like to watch, what does not generate so much interest in you and what which is totally irrelevant. In other words, TikTok manages to strategically map a user’s preferences and, based on that, personalize his entire experience.


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