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Since speech analysis is performed by artificial intelligence, it and visualize characteristics of speaking styles and automatically record and transcribe all calls. Efficient operator The biggest feature training and feedback on live customer calls can be provided in a remote environment. Features If you have an Internet environment and a headset, you don’t need a landline. calls from anywhere.

Compatible operating systems

Windows, Apple, Android, App supported Spain Phone Numbers List languages, Japanese, English, German, Spanish, etc. Rate plan Initial investment cost, Japanese Yen, Monthly usage fee, Yen excl. Or people who don’t want to spend time on construction and maintenance Phone Transcription Tool Overview allows you to record calls on your smartphone while you are out or on the move.

Phone Number List

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be used as a recorder for business partners and DJ USA companies, another feature is the ability to record calls in the office. In addition, all calls are converted to text as speech recognition data and managed centrally on the server. The recorded data can be easily downloaded to the terminal. This is useful for compliance management in customer interactions by visualizing the content of conversations with customers as text data. Feature speech data and text data can be managed in the cloud. T


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