Features We have introduced call analytics

The system can used the next day after the fastes regis. Wtrtion.  telemarketing results by analyzing speech and converting it to text. Com. Hpatible operating system or Features We have later Apple system Supported language not in the list Rate plan Initial investment cost 10,000 yen Basic fee 10,000 yen Web site monthly fee 3,000 yen Human Speech Insights Call Transcription Tool Overview for each operator trained Speech mining programs specific to contact centers are available.

The program uses a unique

Engine developed after years of research by the famous South Korea Phone Numrs List phone company. The original engine is equipped with the function of visua. Elizing speech data through speech recognition. It also supports real-time speech reco. Dgnition and call summaries so it is chara. Zcterized as fe. Hature-rich. Features Apart from ing able to convert live calls to text it also has various features and options such as call reason analysis and sentiment analysis. Rate plans need to inquired separately as costs vary based on contact center size and configuration.

Phone Number List

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Looking for text con. Tversion with high precision DJ USA on call content then it is st suited as it is pro. Tvided by the major phone comp. Eanies. Phone Call Transcription Tool Overview is a transc. Fription tool where you can make a call just by clicking on a phone numr. Which days of the week and time slots are easy to turn on can grasped from past data and an increase in power supply rate can expected.

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