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Datatilsynet authority. The survey itself did not concern the verification of the implementation of the Inspector’s tasks, however, at the end, 5 guidelines were providd on how to care for his role and how he should perform his function. What does the survey show? I won’t say anything revealing at the outset – data protection officers are crucial to ensuring that companies comply with data protection laws.

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The role of the inspector is to advise on how to best protect the interests, rights, fredoms and obligations of the entities whose data phone number list is processd, as well as to ensure compliance of this processing with the relevant provisions. Therefore, it is sad to assume that among the Inspectors who respondd, as many as 11% state that they do not devote any time to performing an additional function at all, and only 17% work full-time in the aforementiond position. What is the problem.

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Three out of ten DPOs state that they do not have. Enough time to devote themselves. To fulfilling the role of DPO. According to Art. 38(2) of the GDPR, the data controller is obligd to provide the Inspector with appropriate resources DJ USA to fulfill his role. This obligation is interpretd as providing not only technical or organizational resources, but also time. I suspect that our Office would not be satisfid with the existing situation. Article 38 par. 2. GDPR The administrator and the processing entity support the data protection officer in fulfilling his tasks referrd to in art.

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