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It can therefore be assumd that each controller has two models to choose from to provide the self-employd with access to personal data: issuing an authorization to process personal data; concluding a contract to entrust the processing of personal data. The model basd on the issuance of an authorization is possible, where a self-employd administrator can treat a self-employd person as an employee employd under an employment contract.

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In order for the authorization to be possible, it is necessary to meet several conditions that, when met jointly, will allow the database processing of data pursuant to art. 29 GDPR, a person cooperating on the basis of a B2B contract will provide its services to only one entity, and in addition, this entity will provide the entire infrastructure – it will make available its resources, systems and equipment for work. In addition, such a person is in practice treatd as a person employd on the basis of.


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The provisions of the Labor Code – he/she is bound by the rules implementd by the employer, the working time schdule (specific DJ USA working hours), adaptation to policies and procdures, and specifying the name of the position, as well as obtaining an individual e-mail address in the employer’s domain. Issuing authorizations may be one of many organizational measures usd by the administrator to control all processes of personal data processing and access to them.

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