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If the commissions are high, you can earn a full-time income by referring a few dozen people. I have first-hand experience of the power of recurring commissions. : example of recurring affiliate commissions With a 40% commission rate and a 7 month subscription, I made $350 from this referral. Not bad for a click! Why ‘Sticky’ Products Are Your Golden Ticket A “sticky” product is essential for a certain activity. It’s hard to let go of it once you start using it – hence the stickiness. If recurring commissions are the golden goose of affiliate marketing, Sticky products with recurring commissions are a diamond-studded goose with hundred-dollar bills taped all over. These products can make a lot of money over time because people who subscribe cannot unsubscribe without significantly disrupting their work or lifestyle. Here are some examples of Sticky products that can generate great recurring affiliate income.

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Web hosting accounting software VPN cell phone plans 4. Negotiate and promote exclusive discounts If someone wants something, the best way to get them to buy now is to offer an exclusive, urgent discount. Ask your affiliate partners if they can offer a discount to people who use your affiliate link. If they agree, you can promote these affiliate promo codes and increase conversions through the use of popups and true scarcity. Most people discount the entire page, but I like to take a different approach. I advertise the full Nicaragua Business Email List price of the product on the page to fix the product value, then use a pop-up to push the discount ‘in the face’ of the reader, who now appreciates it more because they thought they should pay full price. the product.

Create the perfect exit popup A popup appears

When the user is about to leave the page. On the desktop, this happens when the mouse moves to close or return to another page. On mobile, it appears when the user scrolls down the page. Here’s how you can create the perfect display: Sign up for a conversion optimization plugin that offers popups. I recommend Optinmonster or DJ USA Conversion Box . Anchor the full price of the product on your sales page. You want readers to compare the full price with the discount that will appear. Set up a discount popup and a timer indicating when the discount expires. Can it be like this: exit popup with coupons – best affiliate marketing strategies and tips When implementing this strategy, you should use a real timer and turn off the discount after the time has elapsed. Using an artificial timer that always shows a few minutes.


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