Google Street View Begins to Explore Indonesia

Feature introduced in 2007 and provides a 360° street view and allows users to view a part of their chosen city and the surrounding metropolitan area at a base level. When launched on May 25, 2007, only five cities were included. It then expanded to more than 40 US cities, and included suburbs, and nearby cities. Google Street View, when operat, displays photos previously taken by the camera on a vehicle, and can be navigat using the arrow keys on the keyboard or the mouse by pressing the arrow keys on the screen.

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The line shown along the road marks Local, Suburban Passenger Transport Email List the direction the road is following.Google Indonesia, Thursday (21/8/2014), officially present the Google Street View service in Indonesia. The street mapping service is currently available in four major cities in Indonesia, namely Jakarta, Bogor, Surabaya and Denpasar. Andrew McGlinchey as Product Manager SEA Google APAC said Street View coverage reach 90 percent of the main roads in the four cities.

Not only streets in four cities Street View also records exotic tourist objects, such as rice fields in Ubud, Bali or coral reefs on Komodo Island. Meanwhile Rudy Ramawy, Country Director of Google Indonesia said, in the future Street View will be develop to more cities in Indonesia.

Apart from the four cities above

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We will also continue to expand Street View services in Indonesia, seeing the acceptance of the people,” said Rudy. “All of Indonesia will try to be cover by Google.” To support the project, Rudi said the number of Google Street View cars will be add DJ USA accordingly target needs and time. Unfortunately, Rudy did not want to specify how many Google cars are currently operating in Indonesia. In every shoot in public places, Google claims to always comply with applicable regulations and have permits.

Traffic constraints in the cities above, Google admits to be the biggest obstacle because according to Google, Street view cars require constant spe to record the surroundings. Google Street View enables PC and smartphone users to “walk” virtually around urban areas and tourist attractions. In fact, if record on Google, the atmosphere in front of your house can be seen on Street View.

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