Do you have the right profile to be an entrepreneur

Do you When we face a project, whether it is a pure. Therefore, entrepreneurship or a strategic. After that, project of a certain magnitude in small companies, we usually ask ourselves…. Am I prepared to be an entrepreneur? This is the next logical question. Therefore, that we can ask ourselves. After that, after having analyzed the figure of the entrepreneur and . After that,the need for prior preparation with the history of the lumberjack and the entrepreneur .

Test to find out if you have the right profile to undertake Do you

Do you In all of them, but especially in ventures in the most initial top industry data phases, we see entrepreneurs who take responsibility for a wide variety. Therefore, of tasks for which they are not prepared. The reason is obvious, the budget is limited and the more work they take on, the more they will be able to optimize it. But the reality is that this takes them away from more priority issues and the results they obtain in those areas are poor. The typical situation. Therefore, is that they end up stealing time from product development, the business model or the business strategy , and use it to learn finance or organic positioning (for example).

top industry data

Some thoughts before you read the book

Beyond the different types of ventures that DJ USA we can think of, we all have archetypes of “typical” profiles in our heads: visionary entrepreneur, intuitive entrepreneur, opportunistic entrepreneur, social entrepreneur,… in the book you will have a more realistic and objective vision of your profile and you can. Therefore, compare it with the rest. And most importantly, you will know what you should do to complement what you are missing.


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