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Things to keep in mind when using the recording a webinar Whether or not attendees can be recorded is set by the host. In other words it cannot be saved unless the host configuration allows it., the host can use the recording function to know that the attendee is recording the screen. So be sure to ask permission before recording.

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Sound quality and volume will vary depending on the Kuwait Mobile Number List device you are using. Also be careful not to drain your laptop or smartphone battery. With webinar recordings you can upload webinar recording files to Transcribe. Share webinar videos with webinar absenteesEnjoy. If it is a live webinar, the content cannot be viewed if you cannot attend at the time, but the webinar can be recorded and viewed later.

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Transcribe webinar videos

You can upload webinar recording files to DJ USA and transcribe them. Uploading Audio Files FAQ Finally we will summarize frequently asked questions about recording webinars. How to Record a Webinar To automatically record a webinar, just click Settings and turn on Auto Recording. Where is the webinar recording stored? It can be saved locally on your computer or in the cloud.


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