How to Record a Webinar There are three

It is convenient for the host to review the webinar after the event is over and the  the webinar again because the webinar will be available for viewing again.  ways to record a webinar Auto. Ymatic Recorder Manual Recording Process Using Screen Recording Tools Auto Recorder First, let’s introduce the process of automatic recording.

The steps are as follows

Log in to the portal environment Enable auto-recording Kenya Mobile Number List in settings Enable zoom to auto-record Manually record the process Next if you want to record manually the steps are as follows. It depends on the OS but here we will cover the method used. Simul.            Ttaneously click the marker and bring up the Game Bar panel Press the record button on the capture If you press the marker and at the same time the following screenshot will be displayed.

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Do this when the webinar

Starts and when it’s over press the end key and DJ USA the video will be saved. Using the capture function can also use the shooting function even if you use a smartphone. Display the home screen and swipe down from the top of the screen to reveal the con. Rtrol center Tap the record button The record button is the double circle in the lower right corner.

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