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To generate something new on that table, whoever wants can accompany the card with an object. That represents the values ​​of the brand company. Encourage attendees to introduce themselves with the Hashtag A great way to start the event with a lot of interaction would be to ask attendees to introduce themselves with a tweet using the event’s #hashtag. Can you imagine having an event with 400 attendees and at least 300 agreeing to participate. You already have TT. Create contests during the event I remember a year ago that. I went as a speaker at an event and a colleague. Who came from Vancouver to represent his company was going to be there. Well, this professional and his company surprised with their #SelfieConUnbounce contest. Where attendees were encouraged to take a photo with the company t-shirt, send a tweet with the photo and were eligible for a trip. Vancouver to attend a digital marketing event. example of networking in contests at events. It has achieved brutal participation and a lot of engagement naturally.

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Take the step to participate I really like to interact email contact list with the audience. Whenever I can or feel confident on the part of the organizers I like to encourage someone to go up on stage and for a few seconds talk to me about their experience at the event or why they came. encourage attendees to take the step of creating connections One of the main mistakes in how to network at events is often shyness. But I believe that after something like this, both that person and many in attendance will take the step and in the next break. They will begin to connect with more people. Extra: Idea to enhance a brand (personal or company). Instagram Create a summary of content and divide it into several images and then encourage. Your audience to participate either with comments or another type of strategy. New, more visual content on Instagram. I leave you the example of this post on Instagram. Hello, can I leave you my new drawings.

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Networking contribute to your brand?  What are DJ USA  the stages to create a good network of contacts? ? If you find the post interesting, I encourage you to leave a comment and mention a friend of yours who might like the topic and together we can network and grow the A shared post from Claudio Inacio. PST Click to accept marketing cookies and allow this content Other posts about Networking by great professionals that may interest you: Keys to effective networking The deepest mark is left when you are close Guide to networking: and how to use it Conclusion I hope that this complete Guide with Networking tips has been useful to you and helps you create an effective network of contacts. As you have seen, there are many ways to network , you will just have to find those that best identify with you and start applying them. 


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