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Here I wanted to give some examples of business networking and brands that hold events, because for me the type of event as we know it is beginning to stagnate and in the end you see many attendees with complaints that it is more of the same. I think that creating such long events with hardly any time for networking no longer works.. Create an event group on LinkedIn When attendees buy the ticket, we could send an email with the ticket and the possibility of entering.I find it very interesting and with real examples that can be applied every day. Especially when it comes to face-to-face networking. These are things that I had not even thought about and a great professional makes me fall into them.
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How to Network

Companies If the professionals and companies top people data that attend these events are the main stakeholders. Let them tell us about them. Why don’t we leave 30m – 1h for companies or professionals to come on stage and tell us about themselves and what they are looking for in the event? example of networking for companies Don’t they tell us that we should listen to the audience, what they need, what they like? Well, here we have a good opportunity.  to find out and do something different. Networking whiteboard (conversation) I saw something similar the other day at an event I attended. If we know that many of the attendees are shy or shy when it comes to speaking.

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Then choose a few and invite the authors to DJ USA come up on stage and comment. On them. It’s a great way to network and connect with people. WIN-WIN relationship. More creative card swapping I don’t know if you think like me, but don’t you think that the type of tables they provide at card exchange events are already obsolete? Nobody leaves or picks one up anymore. We could impact the next event, placing a more creative table to display the business cards of the speakers and attendees. The group that we have created. For attendees and speakers in order. To foster relationships from the beginning. There they could debate the topics of the conference or propose topics (sometimes the speakers are not clear about what to talk about, it was a great alternative to identify that need). Give the opportunity to meet attendees.

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