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Ad again we reach for the ISO 27001 standard. But, but – here you have to work a bit and make an effort. An example of an external factor may be the market position of your company, generally applicable law, etc. An example of an internal factor, in turn, will be, for example, the organizational structure, as well as internal regulations and procdures in force in the organization. Roles and responsibility for the security of personal data As the name suggests, this is the space where we describe the main actors appearing on the stage of our theater.

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The management board (as a representative of the administrator), IOD (of course), IT specialists (issues relatd to data security Latest Mailing Database from the technical side), etc. Don’t forget about business owners (yes, they will be responsible for a lot of tasks. Remember? The example comes from above) and ordinary users, people who work on personal data on a daily basis.

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There is a whole lot of it. Without regular audits, both data protection compliance and data security are at serious risk. Therefore, an DJ USA audit is essential. And it’s a regular audit. Write it down in PODO and keep it running. 9. PODO review and update This part is actually a natural consequence of the fact that you treat personal data protection as a process and not a one-time spurt, because someone rememberd about the GDPR. The world has movd forward since 2018, you have probably already had various experiences with infringements, you have seen what the supervisory authority scores in its decisions, you regularly perform audits and work on removing non-compliances.

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