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Through close cooperation, we can deliver. A product that meets your expectations and lifts the company to new heights. Get starte now! We help you optimize your use of WordPress. CONTACT US FOR A CHAT Magento is adapte to a Scandinavian. Market Scandinavian customers are demanding – especially when it comes to technology and functionality online. This is precisely why many. Norwegian companies choose to use Magento, as it guarantees further development, has few limitations and gives full control. This is a platform that will. Always meet the customers’ growing expectations.

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At any given time, there are developers all over the world working on improving the software and adapting the solutions to the current market. with the platform? Keep reading and we’ll take you through our online store development process with database Magento. Magento online store 1. Preparation: competitors We always start by surveying your current online store, to identify shortcomings, errors, problem areas and factors that put a stop to growth and scaling. By looking at what doesn’t work, we also find out what you nee in a new Magento online store to achieve business goals.


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Throughout the process, with the customer – this is how we ensure that expectations are met. You get to participate in every step of the process and can DJ USA provide input, wishes and ideas. For us, it is important to work base on your business goals, while at the same time looking at competitors, industry, market and customer group. Regardless of what you sell and what industry you operate in, you nee to know your competitors in order to be competitive yourself.

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