Blockchain technology. how does Blockchain technology work

Blockchain technology? The Blockchain . Which is also called “Chain of Blocks” due to its translation into Spanish. Therefore, Is a non-centralized encrypted P2P transfer network. Which works through a technology that allows data to be transferred more securely and is based on decentralized blocks or nodes of linked and encrypted records. In the case of cryptocurrencies. We can see the Block Chain as a chain of accounting books where each of the transactions (inflows and outflows of money) are recorded. And once the information is entered into them, it can no longer be deleted. Only new records can be added.

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The main characteristic of this novel job function email list technology. And the reason why it is widely used in the virtual economy. Therefore, is its security , since it is intrinsically resistant to individual changes or modifications in its registry. The chain can be said to work linearly. Adding new transactions as it goes . But making it impossible to modify previously recorded transactions. Therefore,  an easy way to see it is to compare the Blockchain to a ledger: In it, a company records movements in a linear manner. Recording one transaction after the other. What is Blockchain. The Blockchain . Therefore, which is also called.

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but on a much larger scale, since DJ USA  the transactions carried out in the blockchain include millions and millions of people or “ nodes ”. As they are technically called. Why does Blockchain eliminate intermediaries? As I already mentioned.  There are millions of people who make up this “chain of blocks” and, in fact, it is them (which we will call “nodes”. a\Assuming that each person uses a computer or equipment to connect to the network) who make it. such blocks may exist. This is because a large number .


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