Assistance and Proposal Entry of RKPD Lamandau Regency

As a planning agency, it is Bappeda’s responsibility to be responsible for the development planning process for a region. Bappeda is requirto be able to carry out the planning process in accordance with the duties and functions of the applicable law. Not only that, the planning process must be carriout effectively, efficiently and of course right on target. This is not without reason. Besides the obligation to carry out development planning, Bappeda is also requirto carry out monitoring and evaluation of ongoing work plans and other obligations that are no less important.

Bas on the above conditions, it will be very

Difficult when the development Belgium Mobile Database planning process is still done manually. For this reason, Bappeda of Lamandau Regency in collaboration with JMC IT Consultant, presente a development planning tool that can assist Bappeda and OPD in Lamandau Regency in making planning documents with one input, namely the e-Planning application (SIPD). With the e-Planning (SIPD) application, OPD no longer needs to manually provide agency work plans to Bappeda, because it is already integra with the system.


In the spirit of sharpening the ability and understanding of each OPD in using the e-Planning application (SIPD), on May 16 2018, Bappeda of Lamandau Regency held assistance and data entry on the RKPD proposal for all OPDs in Lamandau Regency. The event was open directly by the Head of Bappeda Lamandau Regency, Drs. Abisua, M.A.P attend by all OPD representatives and also representatives from JMC IT Consultants.


The event, which was held for one day, ran smoothly

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Was full of enthusiasm from the OPD representatives. The OPD was given directions on how to enter the RKPD proposals. The application and were ask to input several suggestions as a place for practice. In an easy-to-understand language. The JMC IT DJ USA Consultant also answers questions from OPD regarding the benefits and technicalities of using the application. At the end of the event, all OPD really felt the advantages of using. The application as a development planning tool compar to the manual method as before.

Through this event, JMC IT Consultant hopes to assist Bappeda and OPD in Lamandau District in carrying out good development planning as the first step to realizing the concept of Good Governance. A good government will be realiz with strong determination and commitment from stakeholders and technical implementers. On the other hand, the right application will help accelerate this goal. Together with JMC IT Consultant, let’s build Indonesia through technology!


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