Create a segmented mailing list This affiliate marketing trick can multiply

Code loop feature If you install it yourself, you can use the Snippets Plugin to add the code to your header file. step 5 . Once Performance is set up, integrate each affiliate network you use. loop integration Step 6. Add your affiliate links. add loop affiliate link Step 7. Go to Settings, sync your Lasso account with Google Analytics and enable advanced click tracking. loop analysis synchronization step 8 . View your clicks and revenue data in the Google Analytics Event Report and Lasso Performance Dashboard. Google Analytics Screenshot loop performance guide Note: Lasso is a sophisticated tool and explaining all its features is beyond the scope of this post. I recommend reading the Lasso Knowledge Bases for more detailed advice. 16. your income 10 times: Don’t send the same emails to everyone on your list. Why that? Well, unless your niche is ultra-specific.

People will have different reasons for visiting your site

If you have a personal finance website, some readers might be interested in credit cards, while others might be interested in mortgages or money-saving tips. By dividing your email list into smaller, more targeted groups, you can send personalized messages that resonate with every subscriber. It can improve your email stats and your conversion rates. How to segment your mailing list If you already have a list, you can easily segment it with ConvertKit using tags. Let me show you how. Step 1. Configure Australia Mobile Number List ConvertKit. A full tutorial is beyond the scope of this article, but you can check out the ConvertKit Knowledgebase if you need help. Step 2. Create at least two lead magnets to segment your audience. Step 3. Set up an automation in ConvertKit to add a tag when someone uploads a lead magnet. For exampl.

You would apply a Customer Service

Your target is customer service professionals, ” tag to anyone who downloads your customer service lead magnet. email segmentation Step 4. Send targeted emails. Whenever you want to send an email, you can choose to only send it to people with a certain tag. email targeting tags Also, you can tag people when they open emails or click on links in your emails. By sending useful content to your list, you can quickly build DJ USA smaller but highly targeted email lists for any affiliate offer and focus your promotion on people who might be interested. For example, a golf website might send you an email explaining how to protect your luxury watch while golfing. Then you identify the people who opened that email and run a luxury watch sale for them. 17. Create targeted lead magnets Let’s say you’re promoting.

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