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The question is: how quickly does your sales team respond to potential customers? customers, and how quickly your competitor’s team does it. Once this KPI is measure, response time can be improve. KPI – which one to choose? To determine what marketing KPIs should be for your business, you can start by asking yourself a few simple questions, such as: what are the end goals? What does the company hope to achieve by improving specific KPIs? why is the selecte result important for the brand? what will the company nee to do to measure progress towards KPIs? how will he define whether he has achieve his goals.

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KPIs measure progress in achieving goals directly or indirectly. They can be define in the following categories: time: how long does it take to reach the goal? cost: are we using our resources efficiently? quality: does the result meet the phone number list requirements? customer service: do we meet our customers’ expectations? Growth: Is the growth rate appropriate or our market share increasing appropriately? finance: are our revenues and profits growing? Defining a set of marketing KPIs for your business can be difficult. The most important word to focus on is “key result” as each KPI should be directly linke to a key business result.

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While it’s important to pay attention to industry trends and standards, it’s important to remember that not all companies nee to use the same KPIs as their competitors. Instead, a brand’s KPIs should be clearly linke to its marketing campaigns. We DJ USA recommend Differentiate marketing for beginners Benefits of using KPIs KPI, if its use is not limite to mere measurement, but subjecte to further analysis, gives the company many benefits. These include: transparent view of the development of the situation in the organization, the results are regularly and continuously evaluate, strategic goals are linke to key processes supporting their achievement, monitoring what is important for the company at a given moment, gives the opportunity to measure not only financial results.

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