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This causes many people to become discouraged and not try to do it.

In fact, the time for night prayer and witr can start after Isyak until dawn.

Aisha narrated:

The Messenger of God performed the witr prayer at every part of the night, at the beginning, middle and end of the night.

However he will finish his witr before dawn Bukhari and Muslim

The truth is, it is better if one can sleep and wake Whatsapp Mobile Number List up again at 3:00 in the morning to perform tahajud and witr prayers .

Prayer before going to bed will add more relaxation and calmness before we go to sleep and make it easier for us to fall asleep.

Abu Hurairah narrated:

My friend (Prophet Muhammad SAW) has instructed me to do three things: three days of fasting every month, two rakats of Dhuha prayer and performing witr before going to bed.

Prophet Muhammad SAW has taught us special prayers to read before sleep which reminds us that sleep is a relative of death.

— about God’s power over us and all our affairs, as well as to reaffirm ( reaffirm ) our faith in Him.

We can find all these prayers in various sources.

Guide If you have difficulty sleeping, this is a prayer to overcome the problem: Prayer for easy sleep

Practice After Sleep
As we see sleep as a form of worship, we must always remember that just like prayer, sleep also has some practices that need to be done before and AFTER.

You can refer to this guide to read a basic prayer before going to sleep Prayer Before Sleep

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1. Prayer After Sleep
It is very interesting the state of the human mind when DJ USA waking up from sleep; feeling unstable and still tired.

This is what is called sleep inertia ( sleep inertia ) and it can happen for a few minutes to a few hours, depending on the person.

The inertia of sleep is to recite the dhikr and prayers that the Prophet SAW taught us after waking up from sleep.

By appreciating the meaning of these prayers, we will realize.

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