Do you know his blog’s 1 income streams

It’s affiliate marketing. Almost 80% of the money comes from affiliate marketing. He is able to generate so much money from it for one simple reason and that is the confidence he has built over the years. When he recommends something, his audience tries it out and earns a commission. Bluehost is his biggest source of income where he usually earns more than $30 per month alone. Affiliate marketing can help you keep visitors to your blog while Google AdSense kills your readers. As the user arrives at your website, he clicks on a Google Adsense ad, then he is completely redirected to a new website and will not return to your blogYou don’t need a lot of traffic Affiliate Marketing vs AdSense The reason I always prefer affiliate marketing over AdSense or any other source of income is: “I don’t need a lot of traffic on my sites”.

Even with a few thousand visitors viewing my website

I can earn a decent income through affiliate marketing. The best part is that I can earn huge commissions if I choose products carefully. Not only can I add value to my audience by recommending the right products, but I can also earn money. So it’s a win-win approach. 4. You can promote “relevant products” Affiliate Marketing vs AdSense Google AdSense does not allow you to choose ads for your target audience, which means you are annoying your blog audience with your ads. With affiliate marketing, you Canada Mobile Number List can promote relevant products that cater to your audience. You can increase your clicks by promoting products that are relevant to your blog’s audience. So even with a limited amount of traffic, you can generate more affiliate sales. That’s what I love about affiliate marketing. 5. You are your own boss Affiliate Marketing vs.

AdSense You don’t need someone else’s promotion

Start making money with affiliate marketing. To make money with AdSense, you need approval from the Google Adsense team. Only then will you be able to earn money from it. Even after you get your AdSense account, you never know when Google will ban you (if you break their rules). So this is where affiliate marketing clearly wins the race. Set up the right products, build the right audience and promote them accordingly to increase your affiliate sales. Top 5 Advantages of Google AdSense Over Affiliate Marketing DJ USA For 99% of bloggers, Google AdSense allows them to start making money from their blogs. Not that AdSense is the easiest way to make money blogging, but it is without a doubt the fastest way to make money online. Google AdSense is undoubtedly the best source of income for most people who run microsites.


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