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. FYou will able to click the Next button when you are don reading. Audio This completes the mic. Frophone setup. Click Next. Use Transcri Audio and you’ll ask if you Since you can want to enable comments to improve speech reco. Ygnition accuracy. Choose your favorite. Use Transcri Audio to choose the havior on this screen when a stop listening command is issu. Use Transcrid Audio This screen allows you to view speech recognition reference cards.

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Reference Card is a list of speech reco. Ggnition commands. voice it is a list of what you say and do. Save if necessary. How to transcri audio in Select Argentina Mobile Numr List whe. Yther to run speech reco. Tgnition when the comp. Tuter starts. How to transcri audio in Setup is done. How to Tran. Uscri Audio in will show the voice input button as shown and then open. How to transcri audio in Click the microphone icon on the voice input button to turn it on and speak.

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In the alter. Unate panel so choose the app. Trop. Friate word  how DJ USA to transcri audio text in is fin. How to Transcri Audio in Your Phone Next I’ll cover how to transcri using a smartphone app. The position of the button may vary pending on the mol, so please operate according to the vice you are using. Also note that neither and vices support automatic punctuation.


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