I will explain carefully so that even beginners

Transcribe Handwritten Notes and Images in Suggested  Transcription FAQ Summary Share this article Many people may have heard of it Equipped with various I will explain functions as a memo application. However, when you want to transcribe, I think many people will think that if I can use transcribe, it will be convenient or it will be troublesome to open another application. So this time I will introduce how to transcribe in . I’ll explain it separately for and smartphone so try what works for your needs.

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Methods for those who find it less user-friendly. can understand. Be sure to watch to the end. What is transcription itself does not have the function of transcription. You can use your device’s speech recognition feature to transcribe by typing your voice and converting it to text. Equipped with various functions such as task management calendar file attachment and check box and text input.

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It’s a very useful application

On its own, but you’ll be even more productive DJ USA when you combine it with other software that can transcribe text. For example, if you want to create meeting minutes, let’s say you recorded and transcribed meeting minutes using another application. It will be more convenient if the meeting content is stored in the text form and managed. In addition, it can recognize characters in images and thus has the advantage of being easy to manage such as searching what you want to see.


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