Untuk Percakapan Selanjutnya Kita Tidak Perlu Mengetuk

To Improve Services, Regional Governments to Utilize Technology . President Joko Widodo encouraged all regional heads to have the courage to carry out major reforms in order to facilitate the business and investment climate in the regions.

In this modern era like now

READ MORE 4 June 20140 JMC Brand New  Fabricated Metal Manufacturers Email List Logo . After 5 years of existence, for the first time JMC confirmed a logo representing the souls of individuals who were united in JMC’s body. Here it is our new logo… The philosophy is like this. I still remember very well when Jokowi announced the concept of e-Government which would be implemented during his reign.

This statement was conveyed in

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The presentation of the vision and mission of each candidate as a 2014-2019 presidential candidate which was broadcast on television stations. President Jokowi  DJ USA once stated that e-Government, from e-Budgeting, e-Procerement. Purchasing, e-Audit, Cash Management system can be implemented to make it easier for the central government.

President Jokowi also said “Just call a programmer to do it. It doesn’t take 2 weeks to complete it, there’s no problem,” said Jokowi during the debate on. The presidential candidates reported by the media.


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