The 10 most valuable mobile phones in the world

It integrates a Dual 3300 mAh battery. Its powerful Snapdragon 865 processor with 8 GB RAM stands out. Storage capacity of 256 GB. It has wireless Powershare technology, to be able to charge other devices from your smartphone itself, without cables. Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max (from €1,259 to €1,609) For iOS lovers, we have the new iPhone 12 Pro Max that comes with a design four times more resistant to falls , thanks to its glass made of Ceramic Shield, and with stainless steel edges with an aesthetic reminiscent of that first. The web and use Samsung. High energy efficiency that ensures long battery life, with fast charging technology  as well as wireless charging up to 15W. Available in silver, gold, graphite and pacific blue. Its multiple layered windows and the Continuity App allow you to interact in a video conference.

The 10 most Smartphones

In addition, it offers greater email database resistance to spills. Splashes of water as well as dust. Its small, thin and light size stands out. iPhone 12 Pro Max To see the iPhone 12 Pro Max mobile click here Other features of the iPhone 12 Pro Max: It has a 6.7″ Super Retina XDR OLED screen (with greater contrast, color accuracy, brighter whites and intense blacks). The new iPhone 12 are the first to release iOS 14 and the new A14 processor. It has a 12 MP True. Depth front camera, to achieve selfies with more definition. Smartphones on the market. The Samsung Galaxy. Fold 2 stands out for being the first Samsung mobile device to integrate screen and for being one of the most expensive.

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Falcon Supernova

Designed by the luxury brand Falcon, the result is the DJ USA creation of a limited and exclusive edition for millionaire collectors. According to our possibilities. If you are thinking of buying a new mobile phone, I hope you found the list interesting (I’m not saying this because of the most expensive ones hahaha, but because of the first listing for humans). What for you is the most expensive mobile phone on the market? And the most valuable? If you know others, do not hesitate to mention them in the comments of the article. Note at the same time. You can open up to 3 applications on the main screen. with split screen, and 5 more applications with pop-up view. Samsung Galaxy. 


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